Human Touch to Greatness: A Lost Art in this Modern World

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    April 4 - 09:00 am


    April 6 - 05:00 pm

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    Get Insights, Get Inspired, Get Results.

    Transforming Leaders To Create Motivated And Loyal Employees,

    So They Can Maximize Performance and Boost Morale.


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    Three Hour Workshop from an Amazon Best Selling Book

    What will I learn…

    • Eliminate Excuses: Inspire others to achieve results they never felt were possible.

    • Win Hearts: How to maximize performance.

    • 3Ps: How to embrace the power of accountability.

    • Recognize: Eliminate behaviors that hinder success.

    • Strategies: How to eliminate the Energy Vampire in the room (or office!)

    And much more…


    100% Guarantee

    That if you don’t feel the Summit was worth your investment, we’ll give you a full refund.


    Extra Bonus:  Author, Hernani Alves will be conducting the workshop.

    “Hernani’s work on Balanced Accountability drives every aspect of an organization’s success. Here is a roadmap helping to create high-performance organizations. Having clear accountability is a crucial element to bring out the best in people and help drive your company to exceptional business success.”

    —Dr. Robert L Lorber, Co-author Putting The One Minute Manager To Work with Ken Blanchard


    “Hernani does an excellent job of defining the balance of culture in your organization while driving the results needed by holding your team members accountable.  Great read for those leaders that need a boost and reminder that a strong balanced culture is the foundation of success.”

    —Sara McClure, President, iHeart Media, Sacramento


     “I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Hernani for more than a dozen years, and I find him to be an incredibly talented, humble, and gifted leader.  He holds himself to a high degree of accountability and integrity, so he speaks from experience from the heart.  He inspires through his actions as much as with words. These Balanced Accountability skills are critical in being a successful business leader.”

    —Tracy Jackson, EVP, Chief Human Resource Officer, Safe Credit Union


    “If you want to be a leader and make a deep impact on the world, a great start is with Balanced Accountability.  This book will give you the tools to lead your team and create a high performing culture.”

    —Vlod Skots, Founder/CEO, USKO Express


    “Balanced Accountability is an exceptional guide to help you learn to be an effective leader, coach, and mentor utilizing accountability to create incredibly high performing teams. Hernani will entertain you with relatable examples, his personal journey as a padawan learner, and share his unique guide of how to become a loved and respected leader.”

    —Matt Jessell, Founder of Jessell Business Consulting, COO of Telesis Construction Inc.


    “Balanced Accountability works, and I’ve witnessed his process firsthand.  Having worked with Hernani for the better part of two decades, I have seen the results from his High Performing teams.  I highly recommend you learn from his vast experience and success with Balanced Accountability.

    —Scott Higgins – Regional Vice President of Sales – Mattress Firm


    Rosie Paulsen
    Rosie Paulsen
    Rosie Paulsen is a public speaker, Hispanic leader, a Wellness Coach & expert in insurance. As a speaker, she specializes in education seminars on healthcare, the Hispanic market, and entrepreneurship. As a civic leader, Rosie believes in economic growth through collaboration, and through this collaborative work in community leadership organizations, she has fostered various business partnerships. Rosie's brand is "Pure Positive, Inspiring Ideas", which reflects her goal to help restore society through inspiration, determination, and her Pure Pos

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